Being photographers together is a dream come true.
 When we were little we loved the movies where the characters dreamed of a better world and dared to go after it. As we got older we were taught to let those dreams die because they aren't realistic. 

Philip and I fell in love while building up others who had lost hope. We love serving people by inspiring and capturing moments in time where you awaken long forgotten dreams of a better world. A world where you love and serve others selflessly in your own adventure. 

Capturing timeless moments is what Philip and I do, inspiring people to make the most out of their journey together is who we are.

Artist. Would only ever eat ice cream if allowed. Lover of naps and exercise. (but never back to back.)

Jody  Maher

Entrepreneur. Visionary . Lover of puns, ketchup and a good book
(Also loves naps but definitely not Exercise)

Philip  Maher

"Philip and Jody feel like my best friends, like I’ve known them my whole life."

- Jonathan Creed

"We can’t give you one reason to recommend them, that’s just insane. Amazing photos great energy and fun time"

-Josh and Sarah

"Having Jody and Phillip take my pictures is always a fun occasion and one I look forward to!"

-hannah cyr

"I've never had a better or more relaxed photo session. Jody and Philip know just how to get a smile or a laugh on our kid's faces."

-Alicia Jarvis

"Jody and Philip are amazing people and a great choice if you want an exceptional time!"

-Joy molleck

"We feel so blessed to know Jody and Philip and will cherish the beautiful photos of our growing family for the rest of our lives!"

-Keri Carter