Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to save the world. I knew I was smart, hardworking and brave. What could possibly get in my way? But I had trouble focusing and when I tried to help people it seemed to only make things worse. Maybe I was too broken.

Then, when God came into my life, He began healing my brokenness and taught me to love people with dignity and compassion. I was excited and partnered with churches and nonprofits because I wanted to help people’s dreams come true. The problem was that most organizations seemed more interested in offering products than life transformation.

So, I went to school and learned about community revitalization. Community revitalization is unique because it focuses on helping the community grow by assisting it in solving its own problems and encouraging people to dream a better world by supporting each others businesses and community service projects.

 When God began healing me he taught me to stop trying to fix people, but rather pour your life and heart into the dreams He already put inside them. That is an idea worth investing in.

What did god heal? what did that make me want to contribute to others? what invitation to I have as a result of those too questions?

My hope is that through our relationship you too will be inspired to help restore the dignity of those in your circle by investing in others dreams.

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